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We are authorised installers covering Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire for the largest supplier of ground screw foundations within the UK.

We only supply the highest quality ground screws, manufactured to CE standards using steel to ISO630Fe360A and hot dip galvanised to DIN EN ISO 1461 standards. Maintaining superb product and service quality is our prime aim.

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With no digging required to install our ground screws and no need for concrete,heavy machinery or removal of soil, the installation of Proscrew ground screws is quick, clean and very competitively priced. Quick installation also enables further installation to begin straight away, saving time and money, even through the Winter as we can install in all weather conditions. The flexibility to raise cobblestones and go through existing decking or tarmac by using a core drilling system adds even more flexibility the Proscrew system.


Proscrew was formed by Graham Thomas after leaving the garden room industry a number of years before discovering ground screws. Whilst researching another business opportunity he came across ground screws and could immediately see the benefits of speed, accuracy, time, cleanliness and the opportunity to save money over standard concrete foundations. This linked with the many different market sectors that could benefit from the ground screw system saw the incorporation of Proscrew Ltd.


Whilst operating in the garden room business over a decade ago, Graham saw the upheaval and mess that concrete groundworks could effect on customers gardens, especially through the Autumn and Winter months. The churning of mud and grass along with the need to remove huge amounts of spoil would often be unavoidable and be a cause for concern for both contractor and client alike. With Proscrew ground screws the benefits are instantly visible. Easy access, all we need is a standard door to be able to work the site, self contained power where needed, and relatively quiet and quick drill installation makes for a far superior customer experience. This linked with the considerable cost saving of having no spoil to remove and pay for makes it the obvious choice.


We stock and supply a wide range of ground screws from 800mm to 2000mm with extendable also being and option should deeper depths be required. With a Load Capability chart determined in soil type: semi solid loam and values reduced by 35% we can determine just the right screw for the project. There is also the option for both a pull and push test to ENV1997-1 (EC7).


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At Proscrew we utilise the latest pre installation technology. Our installation teams undergo stringent training and monitoring procedures to make sure all installations are undertaken in a safe working environment.