The Complete Service

Proscrew take the installation of foundations for garden buildings and extensions and make them in the words of one of our garden room supplier customers ‘ Vaguely Interesting’ and in our terms, we supply ‘Foundations That Don’t Cost The Earth.’ By mixing these two terms with a genuine desire to make the experience as easy as possible, we hope that the Proscrew involvement with your building will either pass almost unnoticed or be seen as a true enhancement to the overall project.

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Our Screws


As the sole approved UK installers of Krinner range of precision German engineered and fully accredited ground screws, we are able to undertake the most demanding installations. With both Road and Railway usage approval, peace of mind in being able to obtain the highest performing ground screws on the market make the Krinner option the safe option for those high stress installations.

UKGS Premium
UKGS Premium ground screws currently range from 450mm to 2000mm in length with up to 70kN of loading capability! This wide range of foundation offers multiple different fixed flange heads with a captive M16 nut to allow for attachment of adapters with infinite possibilities. A super flexible choice for larger projects and the professional user.


Smart solutions for various purposes
In addition to our screws there are a number of adaptors for various types of special installation.
With their help, our screws can also be used e.g. when building and installing:

  • Flagpoles
  • Noise barriers
  • Construction site fences
  • Playground equipment
  • The following applications are also available for adapter screws:
  • Beam attachment, 70 mm
  • Post attachment, 70 mm
  • Plate, 150×150 & 200×200 mm
  • Bespoke attachment manufacturing